Virtual Community Ambassadors Program (VC – Ambassadors)

Virtual Community Company is the first Saudi company specializing in managing and operating WhatsApp groups across various fields of business and finance through the “Virtual Community Ambassadors” program.
The “Virtual Community Ambassadors” program is an initiative designed to enhance individual participation in spreading the indispensable services of the Virtual Community Company to anyone involved in entrepreneurship, trade, and investment, such as:

1- Podcast service: A professional video segment recorded in the Virtual Community studio, where the entrepreneur presents their project or idea briefly and concisely. This video is shared across dozens of Virtual Community WhatsApp groups, which include hundreds of thousands of members.
2- Webinar service: This service offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet with a large number of people interested in their projects or business deals, either online or in person, with additional support for entrepreneurs through a package of consultancy services.
3- Auctions service: A complete section dedicated to electronic auctions for various assets such as real estate, companies, cars, distinctive plates, factories, goods, and stocks, among others.
4- Integrated SPG service: A unique service where the Virtual Community Company selects individuals interested in an entrepreneur’s project or deal, gathers them in a special group under the entrepreneur’s control, allowing them to arrange group and individual meetings to achieve their investment goals through effective partnerships with investors and business professionals interested in their proposals.
Join the ambassadors program now and become our partner in success by leveraging your relationships to earn additional income. You will receive 10% cash from the value of any service sold through your unique link, plus a 20% discount on all Virtual Community services exclusively for you.

The Virtual Community Company will also help you enhance your digital presence by sharing the new ambassadors with thousands of followers across various social media platforms, as illustrated below:

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The Virtual Community Ambassadors Program is an initiative aimed at encouraging individuals to promote the services of Virtual Community Company, offering them the opportunity to earn financial rewards and additional benefits through the use of their various digital platforms.

Anyone interested in promoting the services of Virtual Community Company can join the program. Whether you are active on social media, run a website, or manage a large digital community, you are eligible to join.

Once accepted into the ambassadors program, you will be able to earn significant financial returns (10% of the value of services sold), in addition to a special ambassador discount (20%) on all services offered on the platform, along with other exclusive benefits for active ambassadors.

After joining the program, you will receive unique links to our services. By sharing these links and making sales through them, you will begin to earn financial returns directly.

You can leverage your extensive network to promote a comprehensive range of Virtual Community services, which are valuable and essential for all entrepreneurs and business professionals. These include, for example, auctions, webinars, podcasts, and the integrated SPG service.

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