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Join V-Community, the largest virtual multitasking community in the kingdom!

  • Our virtual community is unique, comprising like-minded individuals.
  • Community members interact and communicate with each other for consultations and discussion.
  • We seize available opportunities and create new distinctive ones.
  • Our virtual community is open to everyone, from experienced investors to those who have just taken their first steps on their investment journey.
  • القول الشعبي الذي يردده العامة من الناس (كل مشروك مبروك) ينطبق تماما على مجتمعنا الافتراضي وكذلك القول (ما خاب من استشار).

Video explaining the idea of V-Community

فيديو يحكي

اصل فكرة المجتمع الافتراضي

What will you gain?

Relationships... then relationships... then relationships.

In our virtual community, we believe that relationships are priceless and essential. We cannot imagine any activity, entity, or business process that can be established without supportive relationships, even at the minimum level. This means that you should seek an expert's opinion in a field before embarking on its implementation. This is what we value in our virtual community: creating multiple and diverse relationships, both within and outside our community.

Seizing available opportunities

In our virtual community, there is the possibility of accessing unique investment opportunities that may be exclusive and unavailable to the general public. Everyone in our virtual community contributes continuously to offer their best in terms of new investment opportunities.

Sharing Knowledge

Our virtual community provides a platform for members to exchange their knowledge and experiences and share them. You can learn from experienced investors, ask questions, and gain insights into the investment scene in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries, and the rest of the world.

Networking Opportunities

Our virtual community provides opportunities to establish new business entities and partnerships among members through communication with like-minded individuals who share their passion for investment. You can easily find new partners or collaborators, exchange ideas, and build relationships with outstanding investors in their specialized fields.

A virtual and real community.!

Indeed, while the communication between members of our virtual community takes place online, we have also held and continue to hold in-person meetings from time to time at our offices in Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah, where members can meet and establish practical connections to strengthen their relationships.

Success Stories

مجتمعنا الافتراضي قائم منذ العام 2014م وساعد في نجاح العديد من الشركات وكلما زاد عدد الأعضاء ازدادت معه قصص النجاح, نحن نتطلع للسماع منك عن قصة نجاح ملهمة تتم بينك وبين أعضاء اخرين ضمن مجتمعنا الافتراضي.

Members Protection

اوجدت شركة (VC) راعي المجتمع الافتراضي الرسمي وثيقة الضوابط والاحكام لتوثيق الصلة والعلاقة بين جميع أعضاء مجتمعنا الافتراضي فأحرص على قراءتها قبل توقيعها الكترونيا وحفظ نسخة لديك لتكون مدركا للحقوق التي لك والتي عليك.

Who is a member of our virtual community?

  • Experienced Investor: If you are an experienced investor who has been actively investing for years, our community is the perfect place to connect with like-minded individuals, share your knowledge and vision, and discover new investment opportunities. You can also provide valuable guidance and advice to new investors who may be seeking your expertise.
  • New Investor: If you are new to investing and looking to learn more, our community is a great place to start. You can learn from experienced investors, ask questions, and gain a better understanding of the investment landscape in Saudi Arabia.
  • Financial professionals: If you work in the financial industry, such as a financial advisor, broker, or analyst, our community can provide you with valuable insights and networking opportunities. You can connect with other financial professionals, stay up-to-date on the latest investment trends, and share your expertise.
  • Entrepreneurs: If you are an entrepreneur looking to raise capital for your project and bring on co-founders or investors for other projects, our community can provide access to potential investors and investment opportunities. In our virtual community, you can connect with other entrepreneurs and investors, share your ideas and innovations, and perhaps find partners with different perspectives and visions.
  • Small business owners: If you are a small business owner looking to expand, our community can provide you with access to potential investors and resources to help you achieve your goals.

If you are one of those.. then welcome to our virtual community !

مجموعات المجتمع

Subgroups that meet the needs of all members of our virtual community

بالإضافة الى قروب مجتمعنا الافتراضي الأساسي (العام) قمنا بإنشاء مجموعات فرعية متخصصة في عدة مجالات لتلبي احتياجات أعضاء المجتمع في تبادل الخبرات والمعلومات ، لدينا ما يناسبك ويناسب تطلعاتك حسب اهتمامك من ضمنها (التجارة الإلكترونية، الذكاء الاصطناعي، التجارة العامة، التجزئة وإدارتها، المطاعم والمقاهي، الصناعة، العقار) اختر المجموعة التي ترغب وتهتم بالانضمام اليها وسوف يتم التواصل معك.

تعرف على

Frequently asked questions

– With hundreds of members, posts, discussions, and contributions will only be coming from mobile numbers without knowing the names, backgrounds, and credibility of the owners of these numbers.

– With hundreds of members and increased posts, discussions, and contributions, it will be challenging to follow and pin a specific project or debate presented through the group, especially if you are absent for hours, days, weeks, or months!

– With hundreds of members, you won't be able to easily decide who deserves to be added to your contact list.

– After registering in the members area, you will be able to know the name of the person who posted by searching for their mobile number, as well as reviewing all the projects of the members whenever you want, and you will decide who to add quickly. Other members will also be able to recognize you, view your projects, and add you to their contact list.

Our virtual community is open to anyone interested in investing. We welcome investors of all experience levels, from novice investors to seasoned professionals.

Our virtual community covers a variety of investment opportunities, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and alternative investments. We are always looking for new and exciting investment opportunities to share with our members.

To join our virtual community, simply fill out the registration form on our website and follow the instructions. Once registered, you will gain access to our member portal, where you can explore investment opportunities, network with other members, and access our support services.

We provide regular updates on investment opportunities through the Member Portal, and we also offer a WhatsApp group where members can receive real-time updates on investment opportunities and stay connected with the community.

We prioritize investor protection and conduct comprehensive due diligence on all potential investments to ensure they are legitimate and compliant with regulatory requirements. We also provide guidance and resources to help our members make informed investment decisions.

The virtual amount for the investment counter doesn't necessarily reflect a real value. It is an estimated number that increases by SAR 500,000 when a new member joins. The purpose behind setting it is to boost the morale of members and motivate them to contribute their maximum creativity and ideas through our virtual community. It also creates a positive feeling that there is abundant money available only when there is a strong and viable project or deal. Additionally, we should not forget the inflation factor and the high cost of living, so it is impossible to start a business venture in these times with less than SAR 500,000.

The V-Community WhatsApp group and the members' area are temporary solutions until the completion of the Virtual Gathering (VG) application, which is still under design and programming. The transition to the VG may occur later after ensuring its effectiveness and operational efficiency.

– تحصل شركة المجتمع الافتراضي للاستثمار مؤسس قروب (V-Community) ومجموعاته الفرعية مقابل خدماتها التسويقية وكذلك مجهودها لضمان استمرارية قروب (V-Community) وتطويره واضافة أعضاء جدد فاعلين واستضافة أعضائه حضوريا بمقراتها (جده -الدمام- الرياض) او افتراضياً عبر الانترنت على التالي:-

1. 2.5% of the value of any financial transaction exceeding SAR 1 million or a pre-agreed lump sum payment.

2. 5% of the value of any financial transaction less than SAR 1 million or a pre-agreed lump sum payment.

3. جميع المبالغ تسدد لحساب (شركة المجتمع الافتراضي للاستثمار لحاضنات ومسرعات الاعمال) تحت بند خدمات تسويقية, وتبقى هذه النسبة او المبلغ المقطوع في ذمة العضو حتى يؤديها – اطلب حسابنا البنكي عند احتياجك له.

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