The only auction platform that combines the features of Backend and WhatsApp, which guarantees you strong access to the mobile numbers of active investors - from our database - filtered and classified.
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One day
Annual asset profitability: 420,000 riyal
Actual value of assets: 3,500,000 riyal
Starting bidding amount: 500,000 riyal

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Selling by auction guarantees that you will get the real fair price for the asset you are selling without undervaluation or exploitation. It also guarantees the buyer the purchase of promising investment assets for the appropriate financial return.

Real estate, projects, Cars and other in-kind products.

Register on the virtual community platform and then follow the indicated participation steps, whether you are a seller or a bidder.

Hosting fee 5000 riyals, The virtual community platform markets the auction to help promote it and introduce investors to it. Although this does not guarantee the sale of the asset being auctioned, However, it increases the probability of the auction being successful. After the auction is completed, 2.5% of the auction award value is deducted from both the seller and the buyer and allocated to the virtual community company.

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