Virtual community ads (VC – Outbound)

You would like to announce and achieve immediate results!!
Whether your advertisement is for the purpose of selling products, introducing services, or even for the purpose of awareness to present a specific idea or topic in your mind, Our groups are unique… governed and managed in a professional manner, far from randomness.
Whether you are looking for a partner to join you in a project! Or you are closing an investment round or looking for a management partner. Try the webinar service from the Virtual Community Company.

If you have an activity, real estate, car, merchandise, restaurant, or car plate with a distinctive number and you want to sell them for the highest price… Try the auction service from the Virtual Community Company… Your advertisement with us reaches tens of thousands of WhatsApp numbers belonging to our members in Saudi Arabia and is displayed at the same time to hundreds of thousands of followers in All our platforms.

Why “Virtual Community Ads”?


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common questions

You can start by contacting us or by contacting our support team to provide the details of your ad and arrange the appropriate advertising campaign.

You can post ads to sell products, The provision of services, Raise awareness, Searching for investment partnerships, Display real estate, cars, goods, Even car plates with distinctive numbers.

Our groups are governed and managed in a professional manner to ensure that your ad reaches the target audience effectively. Providing analytical reports on advertising performance.

Yes, You can use our service to search for an investment or management partner for your project by targeting the investor and business community through our platforms.

The ad display duration is determined based on your advertising needs and goals. You can discuss the details with our team to ensure the best results.

The cost of using the advertising service depends on the type of advertisement, its duration, And the target audience. You can get a customized quote after contacting us and providing your ad details.

Still have questions? Contact us now