Stalled partnerships and projects

Welcome to the professional virtual community groups via WhatsApp, which are among the specialized groups. (We have 12 specialized groups in addition to a group for elite investors. Each group includes 1,025 members. To view, see here. We have now launched a new group (Partnerships and Troubled Projects) where we understand the challenges that partnership owners may face in light of changing economic circumstances and help you plan for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Considering the reputation, distinction, and quality of members provided by professional WhatsApp groups, and the efforts of group moderators in building specialized content and a content writing team, It was decided to set fees for membership in this group.

Because you are the foundation of success in this group, this is a special offer for the first 100 members who subscribe with the discount code VC50, a 50% discount for life for the duration of your presence in the group, and after 100 members, subscription will be restricted on a monthly and annual basis. We are excited to have you among a group of distinguished members.

The joining fee is 799 riyals before the discount

Why become a member of “Partnerships and Distressed Projects”?

A group that provides a rescue service and a glimmer of hope for faltering projects and knowledge of the concept of partnerships and to be an important reference in this field, as there are enormous projects and a lot of money has been spent on them, but they falter, and it may happen that a member or members of this group pay attention to them and contribute to restoring hope in this or that project after God’s grace.

Join us today to achieve success in your project and overcome challenges with confidence

عرض خاص لأول 100 عضو يشترك بكود خصم VC50 خصم 50%؜ مدى الحياة
بعد ان تتم عملية الدفع بالموقع سوف يظهر لك رابط المجموعة ويتم التواصل معك من مدراء الشركة
رسوم الانضمام 799 ريال قبل الخصم