Retail and Management (Elite)

The Retail and Management Group brings together leaders in the retail field and those interested in developing and improving retail operations. It is the platform that provides support and opportunities to improve customer experiences and increase the effectiveness of operations.

This group was designed to bring together entrepreneurs and retail professionals, Where selling strategies and enhancing customer experience in the commercial environment are discussed, Which contributes to achieving sustainable growth and renewed success for the institution.

Because you are the basis of success in this group, this is a special offer for the first 100 members who subscribe with the discount code VC50, 50% discount for life for the duration of your presence in the group. After 100 subscribers, you will sign up for a subscription (monthly – yearly), excited to be among a group of distinguished members.

The joining fee is 799 riyals before the discount

Why join the “Retail and Management (Elite)” membership?

Join us today to achieve success in your project and overcome challenges with confidence

عرض خاص لأول 100 عضو يشترك بكود خصم VC50 خصم 50%؜ مدى الحياة
  • After the payment process is completed on the site, the company managers will contact you to obtain:
  • In addition to 3 elite groups according to your interest.
  • Adding to the group of partnerships and stalled projects.
  • Publish only one project (faltering or existing) for free on the site to present it to the investor group.
  • Free advice and guidance in your field for half an hour with cooperating specialists in the required field.
  • Participate in online meetings, webinars, workshops, and courses offered in our community.
  • Special discount for all virtual community services if you are an elite member.
  • Regular content and structured discussions about the field in elite groups.
رسوم الانضمام 799 ريال قبل الخصم