Webinar direct advertising service (private, general)

A unique service from the Virtual Community Company that is added to many of the distinctive services that are unique to the company, It is a service that gives its subscriber the opportunity to access thousands of members in our various virtual communities. We have specific classifications, sectors, and categories for thousands of members who may be interested in the opportunities, ideas, and projects that you offer through (Webinar), the professional virtual community company.

Service is not just about bringing you together with those who are interested in what you offer online or even “in person,” and our role does not end! Rather, there is an integrated team of consultants who review, prepare and prepare what you present before, during and after the webinar through programs and packages that have been carefully formulated to meet all the needs of those who wish to achieve high and effective access to the largest possible number of members of our virtual community.

Choose your advertising package from the three packages below and register your data, and the technical support team will contact you to help you start presenting what you have, whether an opportunity, an idea, or Existing project, Request partners, Financing…etc.

Why subscribe to the “Direct Advertising” service?

Join us today to achieve success in your project and overcome challenges with confidence

Equipment package
5000 riyals before discount
  • Which includes:
  • Providing all the tools and technical support to ensure that the webinar runs smoothly and professionally.
  • Presenting your project or idea directly to investors and businessmen to increase the likelihood of obtaining the necessary support.
  • Instant interaction and the ability to ask questions and get answers directly.
Basic package
16,000 riyals before discount
  • Which includes:
  • Initial analysis and description of the entity
  • Analyze the strategy and objectives of the entity
  • Review the financial statements
  • Analyze the entity’s financial performance
  • Determine investment requirements and priorities
  • Preparing for the webinar and filtering attendees
  • Managing and photographing the signing ceremony
Professional package
24,000 riyals before discount
  • Everything in the “Basic” package plus:
  • The SWOT analysis of the entity and its business
  • Review the market situation and competitors
  • Determine the current and expected investment structure
  • Building a presentation for investment opportunities
  • Training the project owner on the presentation
  • Follow up with investors for 3 weeks
  • Proposing the expected partnership structure
The complete package
32,000 riyals before discount
  • Everything in the “Professional” package plus:
  • Team work and efficiency analysis
  • Building the Data Room
  • Creating an introductory video about the opportunities, the project, and the facility
  • Training the project owner on questions and their answers
  • Managing project accounts on social media
  • Manage the webinar and check investor interest
  • Follow up with investors for the next two months
  • Issuing a report and submitting all documents
  • Assistance in drafting partnership contracts

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common questions

Live advertising is giving presentations or discussion sessions over the Internet that allows companies and individuals to communicate with their audience directly. This is usually done via webinar platforms that allow for presentation of slides and participation in live dialogues.

  1. Documenting the project’s administrative, financial and technical status.
  2. Preparing all important data for investors.
  3. Preparing the presenter for the session.
  4. Preparing interested investors to maximize their chances of success.
  5. Accessing the opinions of investors in the project.
  6. Follow up with interested investors after the webinar.
  7. Schedule flexibility.
  8. Providing a safe and reliable work environment.

Yes, Any person or company can benefit from our services without certain conditions.

You can register for the service by filling out the available registration form and choosing the plan that is appropriate for you.

Yes, We can customize a special webinar for your project or activity according to your specific needs.

Yes, You can get a recorded copy of the webinar after it ends.

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