Virtual Community Podcast (VC – Podcast)

Virtual Community Company – VC, Since its establishment, it has taken upon itself to work to achieve the highest levels of benefit for members of its virtual communities, as it has added a new media advertising service (podcast) to be one of the main supports that everyone who has a project, product, or project needs. A success story, idea, etc., and he wants to deliver it in a professional manner to the largest range of viewers and followers of the Virtual Community Company’s pages and platforms on social media, as well as to thousands of members in our virtual communities (professional and governed WhatsApp groups that contain verified and classified numbers).

The Virtual Community Company – VC provides a studio equipped with the latest audio and professional photography cameras to host members of our virtual community. Our company’s work team will coordinate fully with those who wish to appear on the Virtual Community podcast to arrange the elements of the dialogue, review questions, and provide suggestions and directions so that the episode appears in an honorable, professional manner that enables the guest to Benefit from his episode and share it with whoever wants to achieve the highest benefit, whether on a commercial or even personal level.

Why subscribe to the Virtual Community Podcast?

طلب تسجيل بودكاست

Episode registration fees (9,900 riyals)

The fees include processing and preparing the dialogue in a way that suits the nature of your goals.
To obtain a discount code for (Elite Premium Membership) members or (to register several episodes), please contact technical support.

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common questions

Yes, Anyone interested in sharing their story, idea, experience or success can apply to participate in the podcast.

All you have to do is submit an application to participate, The date of the episode will be coordinated and the details will be arranged through the Virtual Community Company.

Episodes can be recorded either live or in advance depending on your preferences and availability.

The duration of the episode can range from 30 minutes to one hour, But this can be modified according to agreement.

Yes, Our company’s team provides the necessary support and guidance to coordinate and edit the episode in a professional and innovative manner.

Any topic that adds value to listeners can be discussed. Including personal stories, and professional experiences, tips and advice, And others.

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